100% Custom Power Banks

Custom Power Banks

Make your brand stand out by custom Power Banks for your company or clients. Available in 3 durable materials: PVC Rubber, ABS Plastic, and Silicone, the Custom Power Bank is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. These custom mobile chargers are compatible with any smartphone or another electronic device that uses a USB charging cord.

Use your imagination to transform an ordinary mobile charger into a 3-demensinonal, full-scale reproduction that grabs attention and represents your company or its products. Every custom design is tailor made to fit your needs. We can customize every detail down to the configuration and type of charging ports. You can choose from USB 2.0, USB 3.0, microUSB, and now, USB 3.1 (or USB Type-C) – the much smaller, reversible, and faster alternative to current USB ports.

The newest devices hitting the market will all rely on USB Type-C, including Apple’s MacBook, LG G5, Google’s Chromebook Pixel and their new line of Nexus smartphones. Don’t get left behind, create a 100% custom design that reflects your brand, and choose from capacities ranging from 2,200mAh to 10,400mAh (enough to fully charge most smartphones).

The Custom Shape Power Buddy is our most versatile power bank made for the companies that really want to stand out from the crowd. With unlimited shapes you can create anything you want, and print it with any design that you can think of. Our custom shape power banks are manufactured from high quality battery cells that can be available from 2200 mAh to 10400 mAh giving you the opportunity to choose any capacity you think that it will fit for your needs. The custom power bank are created to last because of the rubberised silicone that protects them from eventual damage.

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