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  The USB Flash Drive is our flagship product. We pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of promotional memory sticks in the world. If you don’t see the exact product you’re looking for, just give us a call at +86 159 7222 1339 or email us: info@actpromo.com. If none of our standard models suit your needs, we’ll happily create your very own 100% custom USB flash drive or product.

  Impress would-be and existing clientele by distributing USB flash drives that are engraved or printed with your business logo, slogan, tagline, or message. A personalized USB drive is always a welcome promo item, since nearly everyone can use extra storage for their digital files, including photos, documents, audio files, and videos. Our customizable wholesale flash drives will position your company as a cut above the competition every time your recipient plugs it into a computer or other device. Choose a winning design now to get your business noticed.We carry a range of different USB flash drives from which you can choose. From handy keychain USB drives to USB drives formed into a bracelet or a pen, you’ll find a wide array of possibilities when designing a promotional item that will be well received by prospects, clients, customers, vendors, employees, and others. Shop now to find the best USB drive for your particular marketing campaign.