It’s easy to overlook it, but one of the most serious threats to public safety is darkness. Once the sun goes down it can be difficult for motorists to clearly make out pedestrians, even in the most ideal scenarios. Dark clothing, tricks of the light, dim or broken headlights and street lights, weariness and other factors all play into drivers not seeing children and adults on the road. And if they can’t see them, they don’t know to avoid them.

Doing things like wearing bright clothing, avoiding crossing major highways at night and staying in crosswalks and on sidewalks and in bike lanes can and do help, but none of those actions alone or together can guarantee pedestrian safety at night. There’s more that can be done, though. By wearing reflective promotional items and/or flashing lights, pedestrians make themselves stand out in the darkness, further increasing their likelihood of being seen when combined with other sensible nighttime safety measures.

Help keep pedestrians in your community safe at nighttime by giving out reflective and flashing-light promotional items at your next station tour or community event.