Conference organisers have traditionally handed out highlighter pens to permit attendees to organise information which is of particular importance. Schools and educational facilities similarly have been regular users of promotional highlighter pens which are a staple used by students in lectures. Pink, blue, yellow, green and orange are standard ink colours and in recent years new wax base highlighter pens have become available which are less inclined to dry out than traditional models and have a smoother ink flow than traditional models. If you’d like to highlight your message Free Call ACT Promotions on +86 159 7222 1339 to speak with one of our colourful consultants.


Highlighter pens can be used in professional or personal settings, and these are products that can also be seen in classrooms around Australia or across the globe. A highlighter pen may come with a single colour of highlighter, or multiple colour choices, and a brand can choose from multiple styles of the tools in order to most effectively market to their consumers. Brands of all types can promote themselves effectively using highlighter pens, and these may range from those in the healthcare industry to those in education. Because highlighters are such common items seen in offices, homes, or classrooms, their audiences are as varied as the industries that may use them.

The average highlighter pen is affordable, and this allows a brand the opportunity to promote itself for a minimal price. Companies of all sizes can place their branding on highlighter pens and market to wide audiences without the worry of surpassing their marketing budget. A highlighter pen may also serve as a stand-alone marketing tool or simply a part of a larger gift package due to their size and price. As a recipient uses their pen during study, work, or at-home tasks, those surrounding them will be able to easily recognise the branding placed on the items, and this gives a brand a way to achieve maximum exposure.


The casing that holds a highlighter pen may be manufactured using plastic, wood, recycled materials, or metals, and a brand can choose which variety may serve their marketing needs best. A brand that prides itself on an environmentally conscious message may choose a pen made from recycled materials in order to spread this message to consumers, while a brand looking for an executive gift may choose a metal variety for the utmost elegance.

The tips of the highlighter pens used for highlighting certain pieces of information are commonly made from felt, and this gives them the ability to highlight evenly on any type of page. The branding area on a highlighter pen may vary depending on the style of pen chosen, and cylindrical shaped pens will commonly be branded along the barrel of each piece. If a highlighter pen has a disc or flat shape, the face of the pen will serve as a branding region, and this area is chosen to allow for the most visibility. Pad printing is the most common print method used on these pens, and this allows the brand to create a design in the single or multiple colours of their choice.


A university began offering branded highlighter pens in their campus store, and these items quickly began flying from the shelves as students enthusiastically purchased the items. The sale of these pens was so successful that the school then began offering them in 3 different styles in order to meet specific consumer needs.


Highlighter pens may be shipped to distant recipients easily and affordably due to their size, but they may also be carried in a convenient box or bag should a brand wish to hand them out personally.