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Classic USB Sticks

Browse our classic USB models. From the well known twister USB stick to the smooth silk USB or the practical Slim Jim, here you can find the all the classic USB models that can be printed, engraved and personalised with your company logo..

Custom Shaped USB Sticks

The Custom Shaped USB can take the form of your company logo, mascot or any shape that you can think of. Made from rubber and silicone this is the most versatile USB Stick available on the market today.You just need to send us your logo design and we will do the rest.

ECO USB Sticks

Leather USB Sticks

Metal USB Sticks

Any design is sure to look great on the spacious, metal surface offered by our metal USB sticks range. With top quality screen-printing and engraving available, you can create an attractive and standout products, perfect for company events, conferences or promotional giveaways.

Pen Drive USB Sticks

Our promotional USB pens are Made from brass or metal, the branded USB pens are the perfect choice for those which want to impress their business partners with a gadget that has multiple functions. The printing area is large and you can choose between engraving or screen printing.

Wooden USB Sticks

The beautiful, eco-friendly and recyclable wooden USB sticks are holding a flash drive that can securely store your company’s data. You can personalise the bamboo USB sticks with your company’s logo or marketing message.

Wristband USB Sticks

Wristband USB sticks resonate with younger people and are great for schools especially if they match the schools house colours, personalised with a logo or a meaningful message. They are also great for music events, festivals or cultural events since they can be pre-loaded with any promotional material.

Credit Card USB Sticks

USB Credit Cards are the ideal flash drives for those who need a large printing area for their company logo and not only. Another great advantage of the branded USB Credit Cards is that they fit into your wallet or purse just like any other debit or credit card.